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Design Enablement

Offering a unique combination of design software and services, Spark Photonics is an end-to-end integrated photonics design enablement firm.

PIC Design Services

We provide integrated photonics design and layout services for industry, government, and academia in silicon, silicon nitride, III-V, lithium niobate and more.

Spark Photonics logo - Luceda Photonics partner

Spark Photonics delivers a powerful one-stop shop for scalable integrated photonics design through the unification of design expertise and design software. We can meet your needs at any stage of the design process, from an initial concept feasibility study to component design to fabrication-ready layout.

As the official North American distributor of Luceda IPKISS design software, Spark can help you transition to full ownership of your design flow and support you every step of the way.

Luceda Photonics design flow graphic

PIC Design Software

Spark Photonics is the official sales and support partner of Luceda Photonics in North America.

The Luceda Photonics IPKISS Design Platform is a first-time-right photonic IC design software. Automate and integrate all aspects of your photonic design flow in one tool, using one standard language.

Luceda Photonics logo

About Luceda Photonics

Luceda Photonics enables photonic IC designers to enjoy the same power as electronic IC designers. Luceda automates and integrates the complete photonic design flow in a Python-based platform that enables design teams to easily share and reuse their photonic design IP using a standard language.

Visit the Luceda Photonics Website

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