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Integrated Photonics Design & Consulting

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PIC Design

End-to-end design services and software for cutting-edge projects involving integrated photonics.

Spark Photonics is the official distributor of Luceda IPKISS design software in North America.

Spark Photonics logo - Luceda Photonics partnership

PIC Kits

Integrated photonic chips with documentation for educators and industry professionals.

Spark Photonics is the official distributor of AIM Photonics PIC Kits in the United States.

About Spark Photonics

Our Principles

Spark Photonics lives the principles of inclusion, integrity, leadership, and quality.


Spark works at the frontier of scientific and engineering knowledge, in a realm where intellectual property, time to market, and cost effectiveness are paramount. 

By always adhering to our principles, we strive to delight our customers and serve as a cornerstone of the growing integrated photonics industry.​

Photonic chip testing

Who We Are

Spark Photonics is an independent integrated photonics services firm based in the United States.

We are a team of photonics and optics experts with several decades of combined experience.


Spark was founded by Al Kapoor, chairman of Syntec Optics in Rochester, NY, and Kevin McComber, MIT PhD in integrated photonics.

Spark is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

Al Kapoor, co-founder of Spark Photonics

Al Kapoor

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Kevin McComber, co-founder of Spark Photonics

Kevin McComber

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